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First Steps: The Consultation

Maybe this is the first time you are considering birth control. Maybe you have tried several different methods and want to discuss starting a new one. Maybe you are interested in a method you have used before or continuing one that you are currently using.

Regardless, meeting with a provider to discuss all your birth control options is essential in choosing a birth control method that is right for you and preventing unplanned pregnancies. And, this consultation is completely free when utilizing A Step Ahead of Middle TN’s services, regardless of income or insurance status!

When you call A Step Ahead, the first thing you will do is speak with a knowledgeable staff member who will schedule you for a full contraceptive consultation with a medical provider at one of our partner clinics. This may be done via telehealth or in-person. At this visit, you will discuss your medical history with a provider, and you will have the opportunity to discuss all birth control methods with them. These methods range from barrier methods, such as condoms to short-term methods, like birth control pills, patches, or rings to long-acting reversible contraception methods, namely intrauterine devices (IUDs) and the arm implant. You and your provider may discuss important considerations of birth control methods such as effectiveness, ease of use, side effects, health benefits, and reversibility, among others. Picking a birth control is a personal journey and everyone’s health and lifestyles vary, so at A Step Ahead we want to ensure that you get a personalized consultation in which you have all the information and autonomy to make the decision that is best for you.

During this visit, you may also discuss additional testing, such as a pregnancy test, STI check, and well woman exam with a Pap test to ensure that you are a good candidate for the birth control method of your choice. Additionally, this first phone call to A Step Ahead and the following consultation introduces you to your full healthcare team, which may include customer service representatives, medical assistants, patient navigators, and a medical provider, in addition to those of us at A Step Ahead working with you to coordinate care. We are all on your side to make sure you get the best possible care while minimizing barriers.

A Step Ahead of Middle of Middle TN covers this contraceptive consult for free, regardless of the method of birth control you choose, as well as the transportation to and from the visit. If you choose a LARC method, A Step Ahead of Middle TN will also cover the cost of associated testing (STI check, pregnancy test, and well woman exam with a Pap), the insertion visit and device costs, a follow up visit, and removal at any time. Our goal at A Step Ahead is to ensure contraception is accessible to all and ensure that cost is not a barrier, especially to historically expensive LARC methods. We believe that doing this helps women and families achieve personal goals and strengthens our collective community.

Written By: Olivia Seay

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