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LARC Myths Busted

There are many misconceptions around LARC (long-acting reversible contraception).

In this blog, we’re going to dive into several of the most common myths!

Myth #1: It's not safe for my period to stop while on birth control.

Hormonal forms of birth control often change bleeding patterns. In fact, hormonal IUDs can lighten or stop your period altogether. Often people wonder if it is safe to not have a period while on birth control, because many people hold that their period is one way that the body cleans itself. Actually, hormonal IUDs prevent ovulation and stop the uterine lining from building up, so there is nothing to shed. Bottom line is that it is perfectly safe to have a lighter period or no period at all while on the hormonal IUD. However, if you like the security of having your period, but still want the effectiveness of an IUD, there is a non-hormonal IUD, as well!

Myth #2: The IUD can cause infertility.

The World Health Organization conducted a study with thousands of women and concluded that women using IUDs do not have an increased risk of infertility compared to women not using an IUD. In fact, return to fertility after having an IUD removed is almost immediate, so be sure that if you are not desiring a pregnancy, you have another form of birth control lined up! It is important to note that some STIs have been linked to infertility, and IUDs do not protect against STIs, so be sure to wear condoms and get tested regularly!

Myth #3: I can’t remove a LARC device until it is expired.

A LARC device can be used from 3-10 years depending on what you choose. However, these devices can be removed at any time, and your ability to get pregnant returns almost immediately!

Myth #4: LARC devices are painful.

The experience of the insertion of LARC devices varies from person to person. In Nexplanon insertion, the provider numbs your arm, and inserts the device under the skin of the arm. With an IUD insertion where the provider inserts the device into your uterus, many people report cramping, and if you are concerned about the pain, talk to your provider about what you can do to make the procedure more comfortable. Both procedures are short, and the perk is having birth control that you don’t have to think about for years!

Myth #5: IUDs fall out easily.

IUD expulsion is not common, and occurs in 2-10% of people in the first year of using an IUD.

Myth #6: LARC is too expensive for me to afford out of pocket.

IUDs and Nexplanon could be hundreds of dollars if you have to pay out of pocket. The good news is that A Step Ahead is here to help! We will cover the full cost of your LARC consultation, device, insertion, necessary testing, follow up, and removal! There are no insurance or income requirements to qualify for our program; our only qualifying factor is that you live in one of the 18 counties that we cover. Call us today at 615-671-7837 to get connected!

Written By: Olivia Seay

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