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An Exciting Expansion for 2023

With our recent expansion from 18 to 29 counties in Middle TN, we are feeling very grateful heading into the new year. We are working hard to get our information out to our 11 new counties and start providing free family planning services to those interested.

One major factor in being able to serve our clients is our partnerships. We partner with several organizations throughout Middle TN such as recovery programs, re-entry programs, medical facilities, shelters, job training programs, mental health facilities, and more. Those organizations that we have had the opportunity to sit with and train on the details of our program are part of our Partners In Prevention network. They have the knowledge to be able to effectively and efficiently refer anyone interested to us. This is so important to what we do. Having these partnerships helps us reach clients that we may have never had the opportunity to interact with otherwise. It also means that our partners' clients have easy access ​​to very effective, worry-free birth control while being able to focus on other tasks at hand (recovery, job training, current family, etc). And in return, we are able to refer our clients to access our partners services.

Presentation at TCAT Dickson

In addition to making direct referrals, our partnerships help us to create a large network of knowledgeable professionals who have the ability to direct anyone in need of family planning assistance in our direction. While we try our best to attend as many community events as we can, we simply cannot be at all of them. We rely on our partners to be able to identify those needing our services and give them the information needed to access them. Whether it is having our rack cards on hand to pass out to anyone interested or simply knowing our call center number and having them give us a call, these interactions make a big difference.

As we dive into our new counties, we are hoping to connect with many new organizations and work together to better serve those communities in which we are lucky enough to be able to serve. Though our staff works hard doing outreach and actively looking for these partnerships, anyone can connect us with other organizations or agencies. Our emails and socials are always open for ideas and connections. We truly appreciate all of our partners and those who help us connect with them.

Volunteers Sierra & Danielle at an event hosted by the Hispanic Family Foundation

Check out our Partners in Prevention page for more information.

By: Ashley Hullett

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